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Those Are Our Favorites.

We’ve worked on over 1,000 cases for the world’s largest companies and two-thirds of the AMLAW 100. The level of experience and the consistency of talent at RLM | TrialGraphix is unmatched.


Guy Joubert Managing Principal
Tony Canzanella Principal
Dave Johnson Principal
Scott Carlin Principal
James Watkins Principal

Managing Directors

Adam Brucks Managing Director
Donna Browning Managing Director
Marissa Miller Managing Director
Maureen Harrison Managing Director
Tessa Eckholm Managing Director

Relationship Managers

Amy Tanzillo Relationship Manager
Marjorie Tinney Relationship Manager
Mindi Kaploe Senior Relationship Manager
Ralph Mongeluzo Senior Relationship Manager
Stephanie Crittenden Senior Relationship Manager

Litigation Consultants

Corley Schaller Senior Litigation Consultant
Jason Pierami Litigation Consultant
Jason Young Litigation Consultant
Joe Boxer Senior Litigation Consultant
Katherine Hale Burton Litigation Consultant
Marco Carega Senior Litigation Consultant
Monica O’Toole Senior Litigation Consultant
Rich Hill Litigation Consultant
Robin Snyder Dailey Senior Litigation Consultant
Stacey Carr Senior Litigation Consultant
Tom Lofgren Senior Litigation Consultant
Whitley Tiller Litigation Consultant
Yusaf Shirazi Senior Litigation Consultant

Technology Consultants

Armando Aquino Technology Consultant
Candi Hauff Technology Consultant
Chuck Vaughan Senior Technology Consultant
Craig Dudash Senior Technology Consultant
Curt Evans Senior Technology Consultant
Derek Palisoul Technology Consultant
Humberto Ferrer Technology Consultant
Ian Andryszak Technology Consultant
Jacob Horseman Technology Consultant
Jason Rudd Senior Technology Consultant
John Jay Technology Consultant
Marco Heim Technology Consultant
Noel Baird Technology Consultant
Rich Merisier Technology Consultant
Ryan Fisher Senior Technology Consultant
Scott Duval Senior Technology Consultant

Media Artists

Alexis Marina Kershner Media Artist
Annett Schulze Media Artist
Carlos Gonzalez Senior Media Artist
Christina Crankshaw Media Artist
Devin Price Senior Media Artist
Elaine Baird Senior Media Artist
Jared Schneidman Senior Media Artist
Karin Kaltofen Media Artist
Luis Figuera Senior Media Artist
Melanie Upchurch Media Artist
Patrick Bond Senior Media Artist
Paul Pricer Senior Media Artist
Rachel Ducker Media Artist
Sam Kerr Senior Media Artist
Tim Schelin Senior Media Artist
Tom Bingel Senior Media Artist
William O’Meara Media Artist
Yuval Newman Senior Media Artist


Ben Templar Controller
Brian Licata Billing Manager
Chris Heavener Accounts Receivable Manager
Danielle Francis Operation Specialist
J.D. English Trial Support Manager
Jorge Cadenas Systems Administrator
Marcella McHugh Sales Support Manager
Michelle Howard Sales Support Director
Robert Young Business Manager

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